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Oceanvs Orientalis



Founded by Safak Öz Kütle, Oceanvs Orientalis is a formation which aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music.
It blends itself with the archeologic tunes of mankind’s cumulative musical history and in this very context believes that “everything comes from the east”.
Despite of being an electronic-based formation -due to practical reasons- at the moment, it intends to transform into a dance (to move the body and feet to music) orchestra where each instrument will be played by its own instrumentalist. 

Kanto Records

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Netam draws attention with his extraordinary arrangements which embrace the ever-changing and evolving structure of music.

He produces intergenre music that blends organic instruments and synthesizers with recorded/captured sounds from daily life. He stands out with his ability to use Anatolian elements in an innovative way.  

Producer, keyboardist and architect Netam has been producing music since 2015. He started his professional music career in 2019 with his first release "Consensus EP" (Kanto Records). He collaborated with vocalist "Damla Temel", guitarist "Semih Düz" and bass player "Batuhan Camcı" during the EP. The collaborations on this album has formed the band "Yalnayak".

As an Istanbul based artist, Netam experimented on an inter-genre music which blends Anatolian elements with electro-funky grooves in an ambient, emotional way. 

He followed this path on a concept album "Yabani" (Kanto Records,2020) which is full of experimental recordings from daily life.   Jemi



Ikaru is a musical duo that was born out of a pure desire of identification with the expanded consciousness of the expressive qualities.

Originated in Ankara; Ikaru gets its main inspiration from the timeless and placeless resorts of human culture, intertwined both with beats and notes of antiquity as well as the mind-bending bleeps of synth-scapes.

Ikaru’s journey initiated in 2016 as a quintet jamming in the home. Their first tracks were formed of different musical roots meeting together at a common basin, which incorporated live jamming, employing live instrumentation with drum machines and computers. They started to perform in local scenes with raw-psychedelic dub sounds. Over time, the band evolved into an electronic duo and their sound matured into a more refined form while retaining its connection to the first played melodies of the story.   Jemi

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Emin gök

Emin Gök is a musician, artist and psychologist who aims to archive and reflect on the many facets of human condition, through mostly but not exclusively, sound. His work carries with it a sort of ‘in-your-face’ sensuality and a primitive, intuitive movement while at the same time being reflective on its traditions and identity. Finding the academic environment sterile and overly bureaucratic, he abandoned a lucrative career in psychology for the freedom of artistic expression and the intimacy of communication achieved through sound.  Kanto Records


Idil Mese

The Istanbul-New York based singer-songwriter weaves together stories of love and loss, beauty and truth with the effect of a modern bard. More than a decade, Idil Mese performs globally with her acoustic act and her live electronic band Rain Lab that unites Da Poet’s Anatolian hip-hop with her lead vocals. Well-known for her collaboration with Oceanvs Orientalis, Idil Mese sang and wrote the Indoors Voyager track The Cube which got remixed by Acid Pauli that led to a wide range of listeners around the world. She is credited with writing and vocals on every track on the album of Oceanvs Orientalis General Tales of Ordinary Madness released from Kanto Records.  Kanto Records

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The Zurich based musician and producer Nicola Noir shows often that electronic music doesn't have to be monotonous and minimalistic.
Whether wave disco, jazzy up to rock elements, everything is included in his productions and live dj sets. - no rules is the rule.
Noir collects his inspiration at various locations. no matter where he gets his inspiration from, in every single piece of art creations, his unconventional and deep handwriting is clearly recognisable.
The rhythms of the young artist lead directly into excitingly floating states or impulsive earthy feelings. It is noticeable that each track tells a story of its own and at is not to create a purely commercial club hit at the same time.
His songs are perfect for intros and outros of multi-layered and crazy sets.  

Kanto Records

Nicolas Noir

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Mâi is a live music act of Aslan Gürün. It is a musical reflection to his journey, evolves and chages slowly through time. It is always seeking novelty yet never abandoning the old. He believes blending the old and the new is what creates a universal laguage, capable of connnecting people through cultures and unity of feelings. Mâi composes music by mingling the aesthetics of the eastern to the western; the sounds of Istanbul and the Middle East with to the vibrant and hypnotic flavors of electronic dance grooves.


Over the past year, KARIYAN has made a name for himself in the international electronic music scene. He specializes in electronic and organic music mixed with traditional folk and oriental instruments. As a producer his goal is to take his listeners through a mystical, thrilling journey. This journey is enlivened with elements of the world’s music combined by performances of popular musicians from across the Europe. It begins quietly and rises to astounding heights, leaving its listeners with an experience of a lifetime. In addition to many small and large projects, KARIYAN released his first EP in 2018, "Lovers Left Alone(feat. Eleonore Fourniau)", which achieved international fame (> 4.5 million listeners).


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blue Dietrich

Navigating between different styles of electronic and organic music, blue Dietrich is a formation that proposes a nomad mélange between genders and cultures. Their DJ sets and live performances draw aerial soundscapes, organic melodies and dreamy harmonies, all build over the pillars of solid rhythms. Started in 2019, with a continuous production of releases with different labels all around the world, the group focuses on the pleasure of sharing their work with their public. Let people travel for the time of a set; driven by the power of music, mix colors, feelings, shape tonalities, sound, rhythm, all that raises emotions on us.

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